Preview of NX Training for the Kickoff Workshop

Siemens will begin training sessions for students and advisors during the Kickoff Workshop for EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future. Teams will have the chance to learn a basic overview of NX modeling with Assemblies, including user interface and customer defaults. Students will also be able to create design intent with NX Sketcher, and create and edit parametric models.

Throughout the two-day training, EcoCAR 2 teams also have the opportunity to learn about form feature development, face and edge operations, associative copy, trim body, and expressions with basic modeling. In addition to basic modeling, topics including different assemblies, including bottom-up and top-down assembly modeling, interpart modeling, and wave geometry linkers will be addressed.

Bob Chalou, a mechanical engineering instructor at Michigan State, will be leading the NX training sessions. He and Siemens are both very excited to have the opportunity to work with students during the Kickoff Workshop.