QNX Asks “What If”

Imagine if your car could help you become more connected to friends and family — and to the road ahead. That is what competition-level sponsor QNX is envisioning for the future. QNX recently posted a new video about their visions for the future of the automotive industry, including super-connectivity. Here is just a snippet of what Paul Leroux of QNX is talking about!

It blows my mind, but some people still see connectivity in the car as the enemy. They think that, the more connected the car, the more distracting and dangerous it will be. But you know what? Responding to their concerns is easy. I simply ask them what if.

For instance, what if connectivity helped you drive with greater situational awareness? What if it helped you sidestep traffic jams and axle-busting pot holes? What if it helped you detect a stop sign hidden behind a tree? And what if it helped you become more connected to the people important to you, as well as to the road and the cars around you?

When we talk connectivity at QNX, that’s the kind of connectivity we envision. It isn’t just about Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or LTE — that’s only the plumbing. Rather, it’s about keeping you in tune and in sync with your car, your environment, your business, your friends. Your life.