Ready, Set, Race!

Paul Smith of MathWorks with Owen Shermo, Ed Argalas, and Jon Camp

After an exciting first day of Year Two training, EcoCAR 2 teams had the chance to blow off some steam by racing at New England’s number one indoor racing facility, F1 Racing Boston.

Hosted by Diamond-level sponsor MathWorks, teams enjoyed a fun night of racing on both European-style tracks at F1 Racing Boston. The tracks, the City and Country Course, offer sharp turns, rolling hills, corkscrews and tunnels.

The teams had a chance to race on both tracks before the top 10 fastest races were selected for the final race, which included students and sponsors.

In the end, General Motors sponsor Ed Argalas took top honors with the fastest time of 15.98 seconds in the final race. Following him including second-place winner Owen Shermo of Penn State, and third-place winner Jonathan Camp of Embry-Riddle.

Shermo, who is the electrical sub-team leader at Penn State, had the sweet victory of coming in first in the overall race as well!

Shermo with the victory flag

“It’s very hard to turn those carts with one hand while carrying the victory flag,” he said. “I’m proud to represent Penn State and glad I represented them well.”

Argalas, who received the fastest time and first place trophy, also had the fastest time in 2010 during the sponsor/organizer race at F1 Racing Boston!

Thank you again to MathWorks for hosting such a wonderful event and to F1 Racing Boston for allowing the EcoCAR students to race at their facilities.