RHIT EcoCAR Hits the Road for Its First City Drive Cycle

On November 10th, members of the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team took their car for a ride on the streets of Terre Haute, Indiana to test out their new City Drive Cycle.

A City Drive Cycle is a route that can easily be repeated and has various low-speed driving scenarios built into it. These factors allow the team to get accurate standardized data that can be compared from run to run to measure improvements in fuel consumption and other drive characteristics as the RHIT team optimizes their vehicle.

After a successful twenty-minute drive around Terre Haute, the team and the car made a safe return back to the garage. Once the car was parked, the team downloaded the data and began analyzing the vehicle’s characteristics to look for ways to optimize the drive systems.

Watch the video below to see a City Drive Cycle, RHIT style!