RHIT Is Greening Up the Future!

Last year was widely seen as the first year of the “new electric car era:” The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf dominated the headlines at major auto shows.  Using many of the same technologies implemented in these electric cars, students from EcoCAR 2 are using a real world engineering process to design and integrate advanced technology solutions into a GM-donated Chevy Malibu.

Rose-Hulman EcoCAR 2 plans to keep “Greening Up” its future with some fun and exciting upcoming events for the remainder of Year One.  EcoCAR 2 team members recently visited Rockville Jr. – Sr. High School to show pre-calculus students how EcoCAR 2 is changing the future.  During the month of April, the team visited Turkey Run High School’s career unit, which helps juniors decide where they want to go to college. Many universities and student-run organizations speak to prospective students at the career unit, and RHIT EcoCAR 2 was proud to be one of them.  Terre Haute West Vigo High School was also a stop on the team’s “Greening up the Future” campaign, which turned out to be a quite a success!