Rose Gets a New Set of Donated Snap-on Tools

Recently, the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team became proud new owners of donated Snap-on tools and a personalized tool storage system. The sparkling new black tool box, complete with a prominently displayed Rose-Hulman logo, looks perfect next to the team’s GM-donated vehicle. It is definitely a welcomed addition to their lab as well. The team has great plans for how they are going to put everything they received to good use. The possibilities are endless, especially since all the tools are going to make working on the car much easier. With the new Snap-on tool kit, work will be done so efficiently that the team will wonder how they ever survived the beginning of the year without them! 

Check out the Rose-Hulman press release about Snap-on’s donation, here.


The Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team and its new Snap-on tools

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