SAE Congress Drives Interest in Automotive Technologies

Kevin McCaugherty at SAE Congress 2009

Kevin McCaugherty at SAE Congress 2009

This past week, three of our EcoCAR team members attended SAE World Congress 2009. Personally, the Congress opened my eyes to the future of the automobile and its related industries. Before attending Congress, I did not see myself working in the automobile industry; I simply wanted to graduate and find a local engineering job. After attending the technical sessions, I was amazed to see that the work being done by our EcoCAR team is very similar to the work being done by professionals working today.

Many of the technical problems are similar, and we are using the same tools to overcome these challenges. Now, having seen the forward-looking direction the industry is taking, I see myself earning a graduate degree and pursuing a career as an R&D engineer. I’m looking forward to getting a head-start in the industry by continuing to work with the UVic EcoCAR team, and I can’t wait to attend Congress next year.

Kevin McCaugherty is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and a member of the EcoCAR Challenge team.

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