Safety Tech Inspections are Underway

Day 2 of the Year Two Competition has provided a lot of high hopes for EcoCAR 2 teams. By mid-morning, about six teams have gone through their first round of safety and technical inspections. In the end, it was Penn State University who was the first team to pass!

Teams undergo a 300-point safety inspection as part of the qualifying process to compete in scored dynamic events. The inspection includes items such as checking the vehicle braking system, testing the vehicle for oil and exhaust leaks, and making sure the high voltage system is safe and secure.

“Safety inspectors provided each team a checklist of items each would need to complete before their official inspection,” said Jesse Alley, AVTC Vehicle Systems Engineer and Event Captain for the Safety and Technical Inspections. “This is a grueling process for teams; however, it is crucial to ensure each student vehicle is safe and inspected before the dynamic events.”

Once teams pass these inspections, they will then move on to other qualifying events such as on-road safety evaluation, gradeability, and maximum lateral acceleration. After that, teams can compete in the dynamic events, including a 100-mile emissions and energy consumption event, braking and acceleration, dynamic consumer acceptability, drive quality, and autocross.

Learn more about the safety and technical inspections with the Year Two Safety Tech video below, including a look into Penn State’s inspection just moments before they passed.

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