Sarah Zimmerman reflects on her time as UT-Knoxville’s Communications Manager

Sarah Zimmerman was the communications manager for Team Tennessee. Participating in EcoCAR 2 was just one way she worked towards conserving and protecting the environment, which is a strong passion of hers.

When Sarah wasn’t busy preparing community and youth outreach or speaking with the media about the competition, she was most likely kayaking with close friends. The time she spends outdoors gives her a unique perspective on the environmental conservation.

When Sarah first took the position as communications manager, she set out to develop a team. She said, “Building the team has been a process.” But through the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s many programs and the development of a mentorship with the nearby L&N STEM Academy, she found students with similar interests and diverse set of skills. They were eager to begin work on a wide array of projects and goals, and still have the same passion today.

The competition also gave Sarah new insight on the auto industry. “Because of EcoCAR 2, I now see the automotive industry as a powerhouse for technological innovation and a leader for sustainability research.” It has a major role in the environment, which attracted her in the first place.

During Year Three, Sarah was a dedicated and hardworking leader and a key component for Team Tennessee’s communications team. We wish her luck in her future endeavors since graduating this past spring!