Seattle 7th-grader Gets Personal Tour of UW EcoCAR Lab

It’s no secret that EcoCAR 3 provides valuable opportunities for students from all of the participating universities. Perhaps the greatest part of these learning experiences is the opportunity to teach those in the community about EcoCAR and the importance of green vehicle technology. The UW EcoCAR 3 team recently had an opportunity to personally reach a Seattle middle school student.

Controls Co-lead Nate Steinbock shows Seattle 7th-grader the UW EcoCAR 2

This tour not only provided Kieran with an opportunity to see the UW lab space up close, but also the ability to talk to team engineers about a career involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics: (STEM) fields. Kieran interviewed the UW EcoCAR co-controls team lead, Nate Steinbock, for a school report.

For a 7th grader with a passion for cars, there are few things better than getting an individual tour of a hybrid electrical vehicle designed and built by college students. Let’s hope Kieran is a member of the EcoCAR team in 2020.