Seattle Host-City for Year One Competition

As EcoCAR 3 students work on their final months of this first year of design, they will be heading to a city known for leadership, innovation and leading edge technology.

The EcoCAR 3 Year One Competition will be held in Seattle, Washington from May 29-June 4, 2015 and will include a showcase of each team’s work in design, project management, communications, and architecture selections of the student vehicles.

Seattle has long held a reputation for being environmentally friendly. In fact, more people bike to work there than any other comparable city in the US. The city is known for innovation and enterprise, as well as arts and culture. Seattle boasts the nation’s most well-attended ballet and is home to Pike Place Market, a farmer’s market with a history of over 100 years.

This Pacific coast city will welcome all 16 teams to the heart of downtown, with special events held across the city. After a year spent in design and simulations, the students will present to panels of judges the work, logic, and creativity behind their unique design for the Chevy Camaro. Of course, the teams have also worked diligently on communications and used sound project management strategies to ensure success. These areas will also be presented to experts in those fields. At the end of the Year One competition, awards will be presented in all judged areas.

You can follow the teams on the road to Seattle right here in the coming months.Seattle