Siemens Collaborates with EcoCAR 2 Teams

Siemens, a Silver-level sponsor of EcoCAR 2, has donated more than $473M in software and training to the teams. Teams are using Siemens’ PLM NX and Teamcenter software to design and integrate new components into the stock 2013 Chevrolet Malibu.

Additionally, Siemens is hosting an EcoCAR display at two major electric drive vehicle conferences over the next couple of months. During the  Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) 26 in Los Angeles, California in May Siemens will feature the wrapped EcoCAR Malibu in its booth, which will be supported by team members from California State University – Los Angeles (CSULA). To prepare for the conference,  Bill Boswell, Senior Director of Partner Strategy for Siemens PLM Software traveled to Virginia Tech to see first-hand how teams are using their products and created a video to showcase in the EVS booth. After a tour of the HEVT garage and PACE lab, we sat down with Bill to get his thoughts:

“It was great to work with the Virginia Tech EcoCAR 2 team on this video. We’ll be showing the video along with the 2013 Chevy Malibu in our booth at the Electric Vehicle Symposium next month in Los Angeles. We’re proud to provide all the EcoCAR 2 teams with CAD and PLM technology that is used in the development of more than 80 percent of all the vehicles produced worldwide by all 47 of the world’s top OEMs ranked by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). The experience engineering students gain in a real-world hands-on programs like EcoCAR will make them heavily qualified and recruited after graduation.”

The wrapped Malibu will also be at the Green Car Congress in Novi, Mich. June 12, 2012.

Come see the EcoCAR 2 wrapped vehicle and speak to some CSULA team members in the Siemens booth at EVS 26 from May 6-9th!