Siemens & Embry-Riddle: Working Together Since 2008

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has taken part in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions since 2008. This also marked the beginning of a partnership between Siemens and Embry-Riddle. A majority of the software provided by Siemens is very useful for EcoCAR 3 Year One deliverables. The most notable deliverable is the Architecture selection process. Worth 12 percent of the overall points, selecting an architecture the first year of the competition dictates what each team can build over the next four years. Siemens NX software is used to manipulate massive CAD files, while Teamcenter is used to manage the files and allow multiple students to work on the same file simultaneously. Siemens is absolutely vital to Embry-Riddle’s success; without Siemens, the team would not be able to design, simulate, manufacture, and implement Advanced Vehicle Technologies in EcoCAR 3.

BY: Calvin Baker