Siemens PLM Software: At the Core of Cal State LA’s EcoCAR 2 Team Design

Cal State LA’s EcoCAR 2 team has collaborated with silver level sponsor Siemens PLM Software to create a sponsorship video for the EcoCAR 2 competition. The video illustrates the importance of Siemens’ sponsorship and how Cal State LA has benefited from the company’s involvement.

Siemens PLM is a world-leading company that provides clients with project lifecycle management (PLM) software to help create and manage different products. The company’s sponsorship in the EcoCAR 2 competition has enabled teams participating to obtain and utilize in kind software that is used in the technology and automotive industry. Siemens has provided two key software elements to the 15 participating universities: Siemens NX and Siemens Teamcenter.

Siemens NX is a 3D modeling program that allows users to visualize a design before implementing it into production. NX has many capabilities, including using mechanical and electrical routing for the electrical wiring of products and simulating FEM modeling and FEA analysis.

Siemens Teamcenter is a PLM software that enables the EcoCAR 2 team to be synchronized and cohesive by updating documents and content and organizing files and databases. The software is linked to Microsoft Office, which allows students to obtain and change these documents easily and efficiently. Siemens has also made Teamcenter accessible to all disciplines of the team, allowing for the business and communications team to obtain these informational materials.

Siemens has aided Cal State LA by offering its team members free training for NX Software. Mechanical Team Co-Lead David Schmidt was offered a week-long training at the Siemens PLM Software facility in Cypress, CA where he learned how to use NX for design. Schmidt reflected, “I was proficient enough in NX for design to come back to my team and teach other members. The result was us being able to use NX and FEA to design and build new parts for our Chevy Malibu.”

Teams also receive technical support from Siemens: Each university is given a personal contact that is available if problems occur. Along with personal contacts, teams have access to Siemens’ GTAC service, a group of individuals that can be contacted in case teams run into trouble with their software. Help is available over the phone, internet, and in online forums for more specific technical issues. The amount of support that Siemens has offered to the EcoCAR 2 competition has been beneficial to Cal State LA’s team. Jerry Sarfati, Siemens Product Marketing Manager states, “It was quite natural for us to work with Cal State LA and the EcoCAR 2 program. It’s an exciting program for students and our software”.