Siemens PLM Software Plays a Critical Role in the Success of MSU EcoCAR 3

Industry-level sponsors are essential to the efforts of the MSU EcoCAR 3 team throughout the entirety of the competition. One sponsor that has a strong and positive impact on the team is Siemens PLM Software. During the Year Two competition, the MSU team received the 1st place Siemens PLM Software Excellence Award by showing an effective use of NX design and simulation software during Year Two. The team successfully demonstrated how Siemens tools were utilized to execute a Model-Based Design philosophy and streamline the design process. Throughout the course of this video, MSU Project Manager, Stephen Hayes, will highlight how Siemens PLM Software plays critical a role in the success of the MSU EcoCAR 3 Team.

Check out the MSU EcoCAR 3 team’s collaboration with Siemens here: