Snap-on, Snap off: Embry-Riddle Excited to Get Toolset

dsc09655aWe’ve had a blast at this year’s kickoff event. The MathWorks and ANL have done a great job in getting all the teams together and pumped up for Year Two. Just when we were thinking things couldn’t get any better we got the news: our toolkit had arrived.

Snap-on has generously sponsored the Embry-Riddle EcoEagles by providing a toolkit custom designed for the EcoCAR project. Complete with our team logo, the top-of-the-line kit will make working on the car that much easier. The nonconductive ratchet set in particular will be awesome when installing the batteries. While some of us weren’t there to see the kit when it came in, now that we’re back in Daytona Beach we plan to put it to good use.