Snap-on Tools a Driving Force for the NC State University Team

A group of North Carolina State University (NCSU) students know the drill when it comes to car design. They are taking a General Motors (GM) donated stock Chevy Malibu and converting it into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

“The idea is to reduce emissions, get as much mileage as you can, and limit the use of fossil fuels,” said Scott Blackwelder, team leader and NCSU PhD student for the team.”Without the generous donations of the tools and toolboxes, and everything we’ve gotten from Snap-on Tools, we wouldn’t have gotten half this far…they’ve been a fantastic asset.”

Snap-on Tools’ donations have given the team the tools to redesign the car, as well as the opportunity to then take the car to outreach events for local youth.

“I think our overall goal is to do better at the year-end competition and also help engage the youth and help people get involved with STEM majors and understanding the importance of going green,” said the team’s business manager, Caroline Ball.

The team is ready to represent North Carolina and the Year Three Competition in June, and call it an opportunity for the public to see the radiant N.C. State red, and aim to “go green.”

Learn more about how Snap-on Tools has helped the NCSU team prepare for the year-end competition: