Snap-on Tools Visits University of Wisconsin

In late February, Snap-on Tools representatives traveled from headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin to the University of Wisconsin for a personal shop tour. The Snap-on reps were excited to be on campus and eagerly looked under the hood of the EcoCAR to learn about the team’s design.

“Snap-on is delighted to be working with the EcoCar Challenge this year,” said Snap-on Innovation Works representative Dan Ramirez. “We deeply value the opportunity to support and work with the bright minds that will be shaping the cars of the future in what has been called one of the most exciting times for the automotive industry.”

Year Two of the EcoCAR competition focuses on vehicle integration, so the Wisconsin team is extremely thankful for the Snap-on tool set they received earlier in the academic year. It has been put to great use in the team’s Green Garage!