Sponsor Highlight: AVL Powertrain, Magna, and GKN Driveline

During the Year Three Fall Workshop, EcoCAR 2 students were able to attend critical sponsor training from AVL Powertrain Engineering, Magna, and GKN Driveline.

The training sessions allowed teams to get a better understanding of the sponsor’s software and components that were provided for the competition. AVL Powertrain Engineering’s software allows teams to refine their ride and handling capabilities through the use of AVL DRIVE Quality software, whereas Magna and GKN Driveline’s powertrain components allow teams to hybridize their vehicle with the use of electric motors and specialized gearboxes.

Learn more about how AVL Powertrain Engineering, Magna, and GKN Driveline have helped EcoCAR 2 teams design, build, and refine their 2013 Chevrolet Malibu by watching the video below: