Sponsor Highlight: MathWorks, dSPACE, and Freescale

Last week, EcoCAR 2 students who attended the Fall Workshop were able to get hands-on training from competition-level sponsors MathWorksdSPACE, and Freescale.

While the training sessions allowed teams to interact with the sponsors, they were also able to learn about the donated hardware and software. Mathworks hosted three days of MATLAB and Simulink training, which educated teams on how to develop control simulations for their plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

In addition, dSPACE provided training on their MicroAutoBox, which allows better controller functionality and testing data for teams, and Freescale provided training on their donated touch screens and software for teams who are designing personalized center stacks.

Learn more about how MathWorks, dSPACE, and Freescale software and hardware are helping EcoCAR 2 students become the future of the automobile industry: