Sponsor Social Offers an Opportunity for Students

Many advanced vehicle technology competition (AVTC) students have gone into the automotive field to embark on exciting careers founded on experience gained from the competition. In fact, over the 25-year history of the competitions, more than 16,000 students have taken a variety of jobs in the field. EcoCAR 2 students are primed to go directly into the automotive field because they receive so much hands-on experience as they work outside of the classroom.

Last night, students were able to highlight their talents at the 2013 Winter Workshop Sponsor Social Networking and Recruiting Event. Students spent part of the evening mingling with more than 15 different competition-level sponsors at booths hosted by recruiters from each organization. The sponsors’ exhibits allow students to learn more about those organizations and network with industry leaders, and they also provided an outlet for sponsors to hear more about the status of the teams.

In addition, each university displayed a sponsorship pitch table top display, which they presented to industry sponsors earlier in the day. Sponsors were also able to walk around and talk to teams about what they have been doing at their university and what they plan on accomplishing throughout the remainder of Year Two.

You can say last night’s Sponsor Social was definitely a success! As team’s wrap up their training and judged presentation sessions at Freescale today, they will head to the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) on Sunday to take part in vehicle demonstrations, take a tour of COTA, and learn about sustainable racing.