Sponsor Success Thursdays: dSPACE Collaboration Is Instrumental in UVic’s Progress

The University of Victoria is EcoCAR’s only team in Western Canada, and they have been working closely with dSPACE Inc., a global company that manufactures simulation hardware and software for aerospace, automotive, and various other large projects. UVic uses dSPACE primarily to test embedded control systems.

In Year One teams were responsible for using math-based design tools to simulate their vehicles before actually conducting major changes to the vehicle powertrain. dSPACE technology is important for UVic because it helps avoid many of the obstacles and challenges that inevitably arise when building a car. Using dSPACE, the team can deal with the problems virtually rather than painstaking trial and error.

UVic had a specific challenge in incorporating restructured data flows from a 2-wheel drive to a 4-wheel drive train in its series-parallel plug-in hybrid, accommodating two driving axels rather than just one. The team’s primary contact at dSPACE, Tobias Eifler, was instrumental in helping develop the necessary components to make the simulation work properly and meet EcoCAR 2 requirements. Through ongoing technical support and communication, UVic was able to create information data flows that successfully run the vehicle to team specifications.

The team enjoyed using dSPACE hardware and software and all members are extremely grateful for dSPACE’s contribution to their education throughout the EcoCAR 2 program. Check out the video below to learn more about how dSPACE has helped out UVic’s team!