Sponsor Success Thursdays: dSPACE Goes Above and Beyond to Support CSU

When you think of a big company with global reach, you don’t always imagine excellent customer service. But dSPACE, a platinum-level sponsor and supporter of the EcoCAR2 competition isn’t like other large companies. The Colorado State University Vehicle Innovation Team (CSU VIT) got to experience firsthand just how different dSPACE is. dSPACE was kind enough to donate its revolutionary Hardware-In-the-Loop technology to all fifteen teams participating in the EcoCAR 2 competition.

This meant gaining access to cutting edge software for rapid controls prototyping, which in turn enabled the team to become efficient at developing a supervisory control strategy for their vehicle. Prior to receiving dSPACE technology, the team was limited to simulating everything on a computer. The dSPACE technology allows the team to truly interact with a physical real world system. One of the benefits of this interaction is the ability to see the problems that can occur when you’re working with real signals and hardware as opposed to just computer simulations.

dSPACE has been involved in the automotive operations and applications development sector for quite a long time. As a result of the extensive support and experience dSPACE could offer, the team had plenty of examples to view, which in turn enabled the team to make a controller for a car without any previous experience.

dSPACE doesn’t just offer great products and tech-support, they go above and beyond to make sure their products and the people depending on them are in perfect order. Check out CSU’s collaboration video with dSPACE below!