Sponsor Success Thursdays: Mississippi State University & Snap-On

The Mississippi State EcoCAR 2 team highly values all of the EcoCAR 2 sponsors. One of these sponsors, Snap-On, has worked closely with the MSU team over the past year to help provide a safe environment to work in and around.

MSU has competed in the Department of Energy’s AVTCs for 8 years, participating in both Challenge X and EcoCAR before starting EcoCAR 2. In each competition, the team learned a great deal and began building relationships with sponsors such as Snap-On. In the previous EcoCAR competition, MSU students responded to a request by Snap-On to identify specialized tools they may need for the next competition. The request said a lot about Snap-On’s desire to support the teams’ needs. Clearly, the company wants to help students as they build their vehicles efficiently while at the same time providing maximum safety for each eco-engineer.

Bennett Brenton, Chief Innovation Officer with Snap-On, said, “We want to make sure that as we invest in EcoCAR 2, we are providing the right products. We also want to make sure that the teams are able to work on the vehicle safely and accomplish the tasks that they want.”

Snap-On has followed through on the collaborative efforts they began EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge. MSU’s tool boxes are now filled with tools that are not only extremely helpful in the implementation of its design but are a necessity to shop safety. Of particular assistance are the composite, high-voltage rated tools designed for service and maintenance of hybrid vehicles.

“At times, it seems like every day is Christmas at CAVS which is our university automotive research center,” said Matt Doude, the team lead.

“We have a professional-grade tool for every job we encounter,” added Jon Moore, electrical group lead.

“They’ve certainly shown their commitment for ensuring the students’ safety and success in the competition by providing all of the teams with the right tools for the job,” said Kimberly Torries, outreach coordinator. Snap-On, along with other competition sponsors, is helping to make winners of our students!