Sponsor Success Thursdays: Team Tennessee

Team Tennessee’s thermal team struggled to simulate heat rejection of the Energy Storage System (ESS). During the Winter Workshop, the tools and training given by Siemens, CD-adapco, MathWorks and A123 Systems enabled the thermal team to effectively model different cooling strategies for the ESS.

Team Tennessee’s series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle architecture relies on the ESS to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining the consumer acceptability of the vehicle. In order to safely operate and prolong the life of the battery modules A123 will supply, the thermal team was tasked with designing and packaging the ESS. The vehicle performance the controls team modeled in MathWorks’ Simulink was used to determine the heat rejection of the ESS over the course of five different drive cycles in both charge depleting and charge sustaining modes.

The CAD program Siemens developed, NX, was used to model the components and the assembly. Then CD-adapco’s CFD software, Star-CCM+, was used to evaluate the performance of several different cooling designs. The sponsor contributions throughout Year One enabled Team Tennessee to perform their AVTC simulations.