Sponsors Help UVic Accelerate Toward Finals

During the Winter Workshop in Austin, Texas, the University of Victoria EcoCAR 2 team presented a progress update for the Modeling & Simulation portion of the competition. UVic’s development status shocked the judges because of the various components being integrated into the team’s sophisticated hybrid architecture. The success of a rear traction motor fault insertion demonstrated that the UVic controls development will be ready for competition. A bold challenge to UVic’s competitors!

To further enhance their development progress, team members attended several technical discussions lead by AVL Drive, dSpace, General Motors and Freescale engineers. These presentations prepared EcoCAR 2 teams for the final Year Two competition in May, where they will try to demonstrate successful implementation of the skills learned at the workshop.

New General Motors components that UVic will integrate into its EcoCAR, including the Auxiliary Power Module and the Air Conditioning Control Module, were discussed with the teams. Thanks to the workshop, UVic should be ready for Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) simulation testing of these components in the very near future! DSpace’s HIL simulator will be a key component of these tasks, so the company’s tech-talks about integrated failure simulations were very useful to the UVic Controls team. Freescale representatives also presented their new state-of-the-art infotainment board, which presents many exciting opportunities for the UVic EcoCAR Infotainment team.

UVic would like to formally thank all the sponsors who helped make this workshop happen!