Summer Spotlight: Missouri S&T’s Drive to H2

Now that the Year Two Finals are over, the Missouri S&T EcoCAR team is spending the summer making improvements to its vehicle. The team is focused on repackaging the Electrical Storage System, relocating the HVAC system to the rear of the vehicle, calibration of hydrogen detectors and finishing the installation of new fire suppression system in the EcoCAR garage.

The S&T Outreach team has also been busy! In May, the team attended the St. Louis Regional Clean Cities event in St. Louis, Missouri. During the EV Workshop, they learned about the development of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. In early June, the EcoCAR team also participated in the Rolla Summerfest in Downtown Rolla. At the event, the team got an opportunity to showcase their advanced vehicle technology research and spread awareness about the competition.

This week, the team is running an exciting EcoCAR Summer Camp! The pre-college camp will give high school students an idea of what it’s like to work with hydrogen FC-PHEV. The highlights of the week will be working on Unigraphics NX, conducting fuel cell vehicle simulations, performing total fuel cycle well-to-wheel modeling and a visit to the EcoCAR garage.

The S&T team is excited for what is in store in Year Three of the competition! The next big event for the team is Homecoming 2010 on October 1 in the EcoCAR garage. The day is being organized by Angela Rolufs, director of the Missouri Transportation Institute and MS&T can’t wait to participate!

Clockwise from L to R: S&T at the Year Two Finals, Rolla Summerfest, EcoCAR Summer Camp 2010 and St. Louis Regional Clean Cities workshop