Summer Spotlights: OSU Focused on Control Efforts, Tuning and Testing

After the Year Two EcoCAR competition, the OSU team took some time to recover while the vehicle and supplies were being shipped home. Now that the OSU team is well rested, they are gearing up for Year Three and anxious to prove that their design and vehicle are worthy of the 5th place honors received at the Year Two EcoCAR Challenge Competition.

The team kicked off the summer by improving the EcoCAR’s power output and getting the front powertrain working. A major focus was trying new calibrations for boosting the power and current from the primary electric drive. This yielded immediate satisfaction with better performance. Now with a better performing vehicle and the completed systems from competition, the team showed off the EcoCAR to teammates and university officials that had not seen it since before competition. The OSU team’s next priority was to take on the much anticipated troubleshooting of the front powertrain. During competition, the front powertrain was not working and left the team with a short range electric vehicle, which was certainly not part of the plan. However, the troubleshooting is now moving in the right direction. The team only spent a few hours working on the electric machine and wiring issues before the system was fully up and running.

Under the hood of the OSU EcoCAR!

Now that the OSU team has the system running as planned, the summer has been devoted to various controls efforts and lots of testing and tuning. The team hopes to gain a big advantage in Year Three and is looking forward to seeing their own progress compared to the other teams!