Taking EcoCAR 2 Out To The Ball Park!

The EcoCAR 2 teams traveled to Fenway Park on Saturday night for a tour of the legendary baseball stadium. The park, located near Kenmore Square in Boston, Massachusetts, is the home of the Boston Red Sox. Having opened in 1912, Fenway is also the oldest Major League Baseball stadium still in use.

In addition to serving as the venue for a record-breaking 760 consecutive sold-out Red Sox games, professional football games for the Redskins and the Patriots, and the consumption of a lot of peanuts and crackerjacks, this baseball park has also hosted many other events. Concerts, cultural events, soccer and hockey games, as well as political and religious campaigns have all been held at Fenway Park. It’s easy to see why this park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in March of 2012.

After the tour, teams topped off the historic night in Boston with dinner at nearby restaurant Game On!

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