Team Tennessee Partners with MathWorks

Team Tennessee benefits greatly from its EcoCAR 2 sponsors. Without their support, the vehicle development process just would not happen. A vital tool in the team’s process is the software provided by MathWorks.

“We are able to make smart decisions and overcome design challenges based on feedback from MATLAB, Simulink and Stateflow,” said controls group leader, Michael Potts. “With the support of built-in reference material, discussion boards and a MathWorks mentor, Team Tennessee is set up to succeed in this Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC).

This past Fall, team members were welcomed at the MathWorks headquarters in Natick, MA for the Year Three Fall Workshop for instruction and collaboration. Ryan Schimmel, a controls team member, said that the “Fall Workshop was not just a learning experience, but also powerful demonstration of the power of Simulink. The program like a logic breadboard – the possible applications are exciting.”

The opportunity to apply cutting edge software to this hands-on project prepares AVTC students for a professional engineering position upon graduation. “Because MATLAB and Simulink are steadily becoming industry standard for vehicle prototyping, employers instantly value the experience with MathWorks I gained through EcoCAR 2,” said controls team member Jake Hollingsworth.

Learn more about Team Tennessee’s collaboration with MathWorks in the video below!