Team Tennessee Ramps Up Recruiting with Big Orange Big Ideas

The University of Tennessee launched its new branding campaign this February, while Team Tennessee was en route to Austin, Texas for the EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future Winter Workshop. This new branding campaign is bringing both sides of the university together: academics and athletics. The Big Orange Big Ideas campaign merges the big orange spirit with the advanced academics on all sides of the university.

Photo: Michael Patrick

This campaign has impacted the EcoCAR 2 team’s Outreach Coordinator, Victoria Kisluk, a senior in public relations. She has decided that recruiting efforts for the outreach team and Team Tennessee as a whole will be kicked into high gear.

Kisluk said, “It is important to help the future engage with something they would not necessarily know. In college we are all exposed to many different types of careers or ideas, but we appreciate the fact that there are programs like this where we as students can learn from the best. EcoCAR 2 offers us practical learning experiences that will make us better candidates in the job market.”

On February 20 Kisluk went to her first Advertising Club meeting. This meeting began with opening remarks from the AD Club President Cassie Bushong, who introduced Kisluk. Kisluk made an announcement about EcoCAR 2 and Team Tennessee that was well-received: Several AD Club members asked for a packet so they could join.

With the success of the Advertising Club meeting, Kisluk went on to a Public Relations Student Society of America meeting. Kisluk is currently an officer for PRSSA and made an announcement to the club before the official “seniors tell all” panel started. At this meeting Kisluk encountered many enthusiastic candidates she hopes to bring to Team Tennessee.

To learn more about the progress of Team Tennessee and its recruitment efforts go to the UTK EcoCAR 2 webpage, Facebook page, Twitter.