Team Tuesdays: University of Victoria

The University of Victoria (UVic) engineering program may not be automotive-specific, but thanks to EcoCAR 2 and core curriculum courses that train students in the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, computer and software engineering, students are getting a good foundation that will prepare them for automotive applications. The UVic EcoCAR 2 team brings a broad knowledge base with which to tackle complex problems by applying a unique blend of solid engineering fundamentals and outside-the-box thinking.

Although a relative newcomer to advanced vehicle technology competitions (AVTCs), UVic has rapidly built a reputation for successfully pursuing challenging designs and making advanced use of the modeling and simulation tools provided through EcoCAR 2.

The UVic EcoCAR 2 team is working hard to uphold and exceed that reputation and is excited to take on the challenges that lay ahead! Check out the video below for an intro to the team: