Team Tuesdays: Wayne State University

Diversity, community and ecology are the basic tenants of the Wayne State University (WSU) EcoCAR 2 team, and they’re taken seriously. At last count, there were more than a dozen countries represented by WSU team members, including India, China, Nigeria, Egypt and Israel, as well as Canada and the U.S. This reflects the vast cultural diversity of both WSU (one of America’s top research universities) and Detroit, a magnet city for visiting scholars and immigrants. These students come together in in a truly American “melting pot,” identifying themselves not as someone from another country, but as teammates, classmates, friends and Detroiters.

Community plays a big role in the team’s actions, as evidenced by educational outreach to middle school students. All Year One classroom outreach efforts will take place in Detroit Public Schools, a system working hard to put a troubled past behind. The team is also focused on reaching the community at large by working closely with organizations like the Detroit Area Clean Cities Coalition (DACC) and Detroit’s premier green energy incubator, NextEnergy. The team also expects to be involved with other community organizations to help “green and clean” the city.

Behind all these efforts is the tenant of ecology. Making the world a cleaner, healthier place is a primary goal of all EcoCAR 2 teams, and Wayne State is no exception. The team hopes to contribute to a better environment with the design of our vehicle, through their efforts to educate others on green technologies, and by direct actions taken with campus and community groups to make the city of Detroit a better, more beautiful place to be. The team welcomes all to join them as they put their energies behind the team’s slogan: Aim Higher – Aim Hybrid!