Teams Enter Dynamic Events

Things are finally rolling here at the General Motors Desert Proving Ground. Teams are on their fifth day working in the garage and organizers have seen a lot of progress. As of now, 11 of 15 teams have passed safety and technical inspections:

1. Penn State University
2. Cal State, Los Angeles
3. University of Washington
4. Ohio State University
5. Colorado State University
6. Mississippi State University
7. Rose-Hulman University
8. Wayne State University
9. University of Waterloo
10. Virginia Tech
11. North Carolina State University

The remaining teams are hard at work checking off electrical, controls, and mechanical systems in their vehicles. After safety tech, teams head over to the other qualifying events, such as on-road safety evaluation and gradeability, before they are eligible to compete in dynamic events. These qualifying events are often the same real-world tests that General Motors uses in vehicle design programs.

Once they receive the “OK” from on-road safety event captains, teams are eligible to compete in various dynamic events, including braking and acceleration, maximum lateral acceleration, gradeability, emissions and energy consumption, AVL DRIVE Quality and dynamic consumer acceptability. Teams also have the chance to compete in a group Autocross event, which will happen later this evening.

Watch this video to learn more about the students’ progress over the last few days and what they will expect going in to the dynamic events this weekend. As always, remember to keep up with the latest from the EcoCAR Year Two Competition on Twitter, Facebook and the EcoCAR 2 app!