Teams Present Trade Show Displays to Judges

Yesterday, EcoCAR 3 teams participated in the Trade Show Evaluation. This interactive event was designed to evaluate the first-year accomplishments of EcoCAR 3. Three members from each teach present their vehicle design and plan over the next three years. It gives each team a chance to share their development process from year one to judges, as if each team represented a company looking to network and sell their product to automotive, industry, and government executives. This is a great way for students to prepare for presentations after college in their career, where they are likely to present their work to colleagues. Also, EcoCAR 3 invited middle school students to the trade show to learn about the college students’ experiences in EcoCAR. It gave these middle schoolers the opportunity to hear from college students and ask questions. They may even consider engineering or design careers early in their education, much like many of the EcoCAR 3 team members!

Check out the video below to learn more.