Teams Take to the Road with Dynamic Testing

Day Three is upon us and teams are working harder than ever to get their advanced vehicles out of the pits and onto to the road to complete dynamic testing!

Throughout the EcoCAR Finals, teams complete more than 10 dynamic events at General Motors’ Milford Proving Grounds. These events include acceleration and braking, dynamic consumer acceptability, Emissions and Energy Consumption (E&EC), autocross, and more.

After they pass the initial 300-point safety and technical inspection, teams must pass a series of on-road safety tests before being able to complete dynamic testing.

“Safety is our top priority for these vehicles,” said Frank Falcone, lead vehicle systems engineer for Argonne National Laboratory.  “Safety and Technical inspections ensure that each student vehicle is safe to drive and it makes the vehicles more robust and reliable on the road.”

As of Wednesday morning, eight teams have passed the safety and technical inspection, including the recent additions of the University of Victoria and West Virginia University!

A favorite testing event among EcoCAR students is acceleration and braking, in which teams must compete for the fastest 0-60 MPH and 50-70 MPH acceleration times and the shortest 60-0 MPH braking distance. Currently in the lead is Mississippi State University with a 0-60 MPH time of 5.76 seconds and 50-70 MPH time of 2.80 seconds. Virginia Tech is currently in the lead for the shortest 60-0 MPH braking distance of 132.74 feet.

Other teams, like Ohio State University and Penn State University have taken to the Circle Track to complete their E&EC testing. Teams must complete a 20-mile, 40-mile, and 100-mile drive cycle to determine their E&EC data. With four days left of dynamic testing, it is anyone’s game!

Check out the slideshow below to see photos of all 16 EcoCARs in Milford: