Teams Work Hard to Finish Dynamic Testing

With only one more day left of dynamic testing at General Motor’s Milford Proving Grounds (MPG), EcoCAR students are working harder than ever to finish dynamic vehicle testing.

Just last night, 11 student vehicles competed in the Autocross event. The Autocross event involves testing the vehicle’s balance and stability at higher than average maneuvering speeds. Students had three chances to get the fastest Autocross time with a General Motor’s driver behind the wheel, and in the end, Mississippi State University completed the course with the fastest time of 54.80 seconds. The University of Waterloo came in a very close second with 54.82 seconds!

Mississippi State's EcoCAR on the Autocross course

Students also had the opportunity to get behind the wheelto race for the fastest “Fun Run” time. Virginia Tech co-team leader Patrick Walsh took top honors with a time of 55.9 seconds. This was even faster than the General Motors’ driver time of 56.32 seconds in the Virginia Tech car!

The Virginia Tech vehicle taking home the fastest "Fun Run" time

Students and spectators also had the opportunity to participate in a GM Driving Experience and drive more than 40General Motors’ vehicles throughout the night! Some of the vehicles involved in the Driving Experience included a Chevy Camaro, a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, a Buick e-Assist Lacrosse, various hybrid vehicles, and the new Chevy Volt.

Over the weekend, teams are finishing up dynamic events and giving static engineering presentations.

This afternoon, teams gave Static Consumer Acceptability (SCA) and Vehicle Testing Complete (VTC) presentations to more than a dozen experts from government and industry. Static presentations count for one-fourth of the competition points, so teams have to give polished presentations if they want to take home the top prize!

This year, the race for first place is closer than ever! Who will come out on top? Check back on the Green Garage Blog, Twitter, and Facebook!