University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Our Plan

UT EcoCAR 3 is the only team building a post-transmission parallel hybrid architecture into our vehicle. The power provided by the hybrid-electric components will combine with the output of the conventional transmission in a transfer case to power the rear wheels. We feel it is important to hold on to the high-performance, rear-wheel spirit that the Camaro is renowned for, and our architecture will maintain that characteristic.

Technical goals

Team Tennessee strives for effective space claim and packaging while building a working full vehicle model for effective SIL/HIL testing. Team Tennessee will replace the V6 Camaro engine with a 2.0 liter, I4, turbocharged GM LNF engine. We will be able to improve both emissions and fuel consumption while being able to put out more than 300 horsepower.

The engine will take E10 fuel, due to its widespread availability and pre-existing tune for that fuel.  For our hybrid-electric components, we will be adding a TM4 electric motor which produces about 115 horsepower, which will be powered by an 4.5kW-hr A123 Power Pack with a peak output of 105kW of power for 10 seconds. The TM4 motor will also provide the charging capability for the energy storage system through regenerative braking or behaving as an electric generator.

Throughout the entire process, Team Tennessee puts safety first. We have created a full vehicle model which allows us to test our hybrid supervisor and plant model fidelity in a safe environment through hardware and software-in-the-loop testing before it is implemented in the vehicle.