The ABC’s and 1-2-3’s of Battery Systems

a123-systems_logoHow do EcoCAR teams learn the ABC’s and 1-2-3’s of advanced battery systems? Energy storage experts from A123Systems Energy Solutions Group will host a training session for EcoCAR teams at their facilities in Hopkington, Massachusetts during the upcoming EcoCAR Fall Workshop in September.

A123Systems is a Platinum Sponsor of the EcoCAR Challenge, providing advance lithium battery modules to 14 of the 17 universities. In the first academic year of EcoCAR these 14 EcoCAR teams were challenged to design their own custom battery pack using the A123Systems modules and battery management system. In Year 2, kicking off this September, teams will receive the A123Systems battery modules they will use to build and integrate their battery pack into their competition vehicle. In preparation for this monumental task, A123Systems is hosting a session during the Fall workshop to give EcoCAR teams a first-hand look at the battery system’s components and an opportunity to tour the battery manufacturing facilities.

Participating EcoCAR universities will also:

• Review battery system assembly best practices
• Review Safe Handling Procedures
• Learn tools for communicating with battery pack control systems
• Review operating strategies from the computer interface
• Review methods for debugging and troubleshooting

Stay tuned to see how these EcoCAR teams turn their 123’s into RPMs! To learn more about A123Systems go to

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