The Boy Scouts of Starkville visit MSU EcoCAR

Boy Scout Troop 14 of Starkville, Mississippi recently paid the Mississippi State University (MSU) EcoCAR team a visit at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS). The scouts and their adult leaders came to learn more about what the EcoCAR team has been working on for the last 3 years. MSU began with a hands-on activity that illustrated the transformation of energy by stretching out rubber bands. The activity gave way to an in-depth discussion about the technology of MSU’s vehicle, the EcoCAR Competition, and student and sponsor involvement. The MSU team also gave the scouts a tour of their vehicle so they could see the technology firsthand.

The purpose of this event was not only to educate the troop about the competition and Mississippi State’s efforts, but also to engage potential engineers at an early point in their lives. By the end of the night, the scouts’ curiosity had been transformed into knowledge. Hopefully, this knowledge will become a driving force that inspires some of these bright young minds to shape a greener future through programs just like EcoCAR!