The EcoCAR Year Two Winners Take a Victory Lap!

The Mississippi State EcoCAR team has had an exciting summer so far! In early June, the team took its EcoCAR for a victory lap around campus and was greeted with cheers, signs, and of course cowbells in celebration of the recent win at the EcoCAR Year Two Competition Finals.  After completing the lap, the vehicle drove MSU president Dr. Mark Keenum and Dean of Engineering Dr. Sarah Rajala to MSU’s Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems. Delivering the opening remarks, President Keenum said he was “beaming with pride” over the team’s success and called the team the “envy of the SEC.”  He announced to a cheering crowd that “this is tantamount to Mississippi State University winning a national championship. We competed against the best of the best.”

The MSU EcoCAR ready for its victory lap!

The team’s victory lap was well-documented, with students stopping on the sidewalks to snap pictures and video of the car as it drove past.  There were several photographers and television crews on campus to capture the event, as well as a film truck trailing the convoy to record every frame in high-definition.  

For more pictures, check out the team’s Facebook page, here!