The EcoEagles Teach Future Engineers at Creekside Middle School

The Embry-Riddle EcoEagles visited Creekside Middle School in Year Two and were blown away by the students there. The EcoEagles explained the EcoCAR 2 competition, the team’s vehicle design and hybrid technology to a sixth grade science class and an eighth grade robotics class.

“It was an astonishing and humbling event to have 12- and 13-year-olds ask us questions about CAD and make suggestions about how to improve our process, especially suggestions that our team hadn’t thought of,” said communications team member Kristen Welsh.

The robotics students had just returned from a Lego Robot competition where they designed their own robot using CAD. They were intrigued to learn how the EcoEagles engineers solve issues they come across during the redesign of their 2013 Chevrolet Malibu.

The students’ questions flowed easily. Who gets the patent rights? How do you make the bio-diesel? What kinds of batteries are being used? Why are the cars so expensive? How do you make the parts? How does this competition help get students a job after college?

Ernie the Eagle with the 2013 Chevy Malibu

At the end of each presentation, the EcoEagles led the students in an interactive Jeopardy game. This game allowed each class to learn more about hybrid technology, the competition and Embry-Riddle… including the school’s mascot Ernie the Eagle!

It was incredible for the team to see the students’ pure interest and hope for a technology that betters the environment.  If we could look into the future, it might show a few Creekside students working in the EcoCAR Green Garage at Embry-Riddle!