The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation

Cranks of wrenches, spinning drills, and clanging metals were the sounds that filled the garage at Colorado State University (CSU) in the weeks leading up to competition. Vehicle disassembly was long underway as students removed the vehicle’s hood, doors, trunk, and the entirety of its interior – stripping a Camaro to its bones. CSU’s Vehicle Innovation Team made their way through the deconstruction phase of the Camaro’s transformation into a hybrid-electric vehicle. The CSU Vehicle Innovation Team removed an existing powertrain and weeks later, the powertrain team implemented their new design.

During the Year Two competition, CSU worked in the high voltage work area reassembling their battery pack and moved steadily through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Safety/Tech Inspections. Their team showed great resolve and true teamwork to get their vehicle systems up and running at their full potential.

Take a look at the CSU’s progress before and during competition:

CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image1CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image3CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image7     CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image6  CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image8  CSU_The Evolution of a Powertrain Transformation_Image10



csu2EcoCAR 3 teams have arrived in Yuma, AZ at the GM Desert Proving Grounds (DPG) and will undergo various safety and technical inspections to qualify for on road vehicle testing. Teams will be evaluated on their vehicle’s dynamic safety, handling, and energy consumption in various events.