The First Static Events of the Year Two Competition: VDR and SCA

Here at EcoCAR 2, we value the importance of not only building a fuel-efficient vehicle, but also effectively communicating the areas of that vehicle to government and industry sponsors.

Over the weekend, EcoCAR 2 teams presented to a dozen industry professionals on their Vehicle Design Review (VDR) and Static Consumer Acceptability (SCA) of their 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. Students were put to the test when they had 45-minutes to present a year’s worth of vehicle design and integration.

The VDR presentation reviews the overall strategy employed to meet the targets specified in each team’s Vehicle Technical Specifications (VTS), the integration of hardware into the donor vehicle, and test results showing that the vehicle is at the 65% buy-off stage. Whereas, the SCA presentation is a vehicle inspection designed to evaluate the consumer acceptability of the team’s vehicle when not in motion. SCA evaluates the vehicle in four distinct sections: driver area, general vehicle interior, general vehicle exterior and consumer features.

Judges for both presentations were impressed how well the teams were able to communicate on this year’s design and integration of each vehicle. The winners for both presentations will be announced on Thursday, May 23 during the Year Two Awards Ceremony, but in the meantime, get a closer look at the VDR and SCA presentations!


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