The Home Stretch: MSU Prepares for Year Three Finals

With Competition Finals rapidly approaching, the Mississippi State EcoCAR team has begun putting the finishing touches on their car. Using the emissions data collected at the EPA during the Spring Workshop, the team has begun to test their turbo diesel and exhaust system on the MSU Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems’ AWD dynamometer. The dyno and NOx measurement sensors will allow the team to optimize its urea after treatment system to obtain maximum emissions reduction while minimizing the production of ammonia.

MSU's Infotainment Center

In addition to dyno testing the team has been hard at work finalizing graphics for their digital gauge cluster as well as software for the car’s infotainment center. The finalized version of the gauge cluster graphics includes fuel level indicators as well as important warning lights. The infotainment center features custom software written by members of the MSU team and includes features such as audio/video playback and options allowing the passengers to interact with their vehicle.