The Impact of Business on Education

From May 29-June 4, 2015, teams gathered for the EcoCAR 3 Year One in Seattle, WA to compete in technical, communications, and project management events. Throughout the week, students will share their efforts over this last year with industry experts and judges to highlight the viability of their advanced technology vehicle designs.

Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) are the heart of American automotive ingenuity and innovation and is the ultimate training ground for minting future automotive leaders. EcoCAR 3 is able to bridge the gap between classroom and industry by implementing hands-on learning with industry’s leading companies. Findings from a 2013 study by Visionary Sponsor, MathWorks, reveal that Universities and businesses believe that the skills gap (the gap between what potential candidates offer and what employers desire) can be alleviated with increased collaboration between academia and industry.

In 2014 the Foundation Strategy Group (FSG), a consulting firm for leaders in search of large-scale social change, conducted a report that studies the role business can have in education. Some of FSG’s findings included: “fulfilling unmet educational needs, providing access to educational material, and improving student outcomes through training programs that equip students with skills relevant to industry.”

To learn more about the findings from FSG and MathWorks, read the full story here!