The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team Knows the Importance of Interdisciplinary Work


Students traversing the world of post-secondary education are often provided a particular pathway – a collection of courses that prescribe a path to future success in a career of their choosing. For many, this works, and they leave satisfied.

To the students of the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team (MEE3T), they’d like a bit more from their university experience; they’d like to get to know others outside their year, their program, and their faculty. The EcoCAR 3 competition is the perfect venue for this added-value experience.

With a Communication Team consisting of members from 5 different faculties, the breadth of ideas present on the team reinforces the drive for innovation and excellence, not just technically, but in every aspect of the team. The team is able to utilize these perspectives in order to tackle a problem from multiple angles; thereby coming up with a stronger solution.

From Communication Manager, Matt Clarke, “I love our Communications Team! Everyone brings such unique perspectives to the group, and because of this, many of our conversations take surprising turns, resulting in truly creative ideas that benefit the team.


On the technical side of the team, we have representation from almost every possible stream of Engineering at McMaster University. It really is a great opportunity for students to share their passions with one another, grow from these interactions, and become better engineers in the process. By valuing teamwork and working collaboratively, the MEE3T values the different educational backgrounds that every individual comes to the team with.

Finally, tying the team together is the rest of our Management team. The ability to apply Human Resources, Budgeting, Scheduling and Event Planning (to name a few) within the scope of a project of this size allows our Managers to gain critical experiences as well. On the whole, it creates a stronger team, a bigger and better community, and a more valuable opportunity for any and all students on the team.