The Ohio State Team Says “Let the tough work begin!”

The Ohio State EcoCAR 2 team has been hard at work for the past two months deciding what architecture they want to integrate into their Chevrolet Malibu for the next three years! The team has followed a rigorous design process that includes both vehicle simulation and packaging studies. The vehicle simulations are done with Argonne National Lab’s Autonomie software, which allows the team to simulate a wide range of hybrid vehicle architectures to evaluate each architecture’s fuel economy and energy consumption. The team has also utilized the full CAD model of the Chevrolet Malibu in Siemens NX to determine if the components they are considering will fit inside the vehicle.

Selecting an architecture for the EcoCAR 2 vehicle in such a short time period is obviously a daunting task, so everyone from veteran team members to new recruits has helped with the selection process. Veteran team members were responsible for most of the vehicle simulation work and leading the overall packaging study of the vehicle. Newer team members were then able to help out with smaller portions of the packaging study and  research possible technologies that could be implemented in the Ohio State vehicle.

The tremendous amount of work paid off, since the team recently learned the EcoCAR 2 Technical Steering Committee approved the architecture they selected for the vehicle! Now that the architecture is approved, the team can start finalizing the electric motors, inverters and gearboxes they will be using, and doing more in-depth design work on the electrical, mechanical and control systems that will be inside the vehicle.

All EcoCAR 2 team architectures will be announced on February 2nd, so check back for updates!