The OSU EcoCAR Sponsor Series Presents… Donald Senich, Senior Advisor for the National Science Foundation

Each month, the OSU EcoCAR Outreach Team features a sponsor interview on YouTube. At the National Science Foundation Conference in January, team members Abbey Underwood and Sarah Jadwin asked Donald Senich, senior advisor for the National Science Foundation, some questions for the Sponsor Series.

Check out the video below to see Don speak about the National Science Foundation’s sponsorship of EcoCAR and the future of hybrid vehicles. The NSF has been involved in the EcoCAR Challenge and related events for more than 15 years, and has used the competition as a window to new ideas and opportunities.

In addition to Don, the Outreach Team has been able to interview several other executives this year, including: Sam Spofforth, executive director of Clean Fuels Ohio, Kent Helfrich, General Motors’ executive director for electronic controls & software and executive lead for the EcoCAR competition, and Jeff Hemphill, vice president of product development for Luk, USA. To see more of these videos, visit the OSU EcoCAR YouTube page!