The Purdue EcoMakers Visit Jefferson High School

In March, the Purdue EcoMakers communications and technical teams visited Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana to teach the students about EcoCAR 2 and the opportunities that it offers.  The EcoMakers spoke with several of the automotive classes at the school and gave a presentation on the goals and mission of EcoCAR 2.

The EcoMakers present at Jefferson High School

The EcoMakers present at Jefferson High School

The presentation went into detail about the competition and how each team is scored. It also offered technical information about how the different parts of the vehicle work together. The automotive classes were interested in how the electric engine operates, as well as how it was designed and installed in the vehicle.

One of the automotive classes at Jefferson High School is competing in their own competition to create a vehicle that will be raced against other high schools at the end of the year. Many of the students at the school were interested in getting involved with EcoCAR 2 in the future. Overall, the presentation went better than expected and the EcoMakers hope to do more events with Jefferson High School.